August 29, 2015

Into the Unknown

Starting senior year isn’t as ‘sweet’ and ‘nostalgic’ as everyone makes it out to be. Mostly, it’s ridiculously busy and painfully nerve racking. Coming back from a summer of dance training and working on my ACT and going straight into school was easier said than done. I didn’t see my best friends for most of the break. Ever senior I talked to had the same story: a super busy summer preparing for our next chapter. In all honesty though, what were we preparing for? The school year would progress as expected, friendships would rekindle, training would resume, but the rest? Really, we were preparing ourselves mentally to enter a new world: the unknown.

Being a senior, getting ready to turn 18 and enter ‘adulthood’ and traveling to Europe for the first time all in a span of weeks has got my head spinning. All of these things have one common characteristic: it’s all new, unpredictable, and exactly what I want. As I sit here and type this, I find it funny that this crazy feeling is what I really want. But it is. Every relationship and struggle we have been through has prepared us for facing the unknown head on. It has prepared us for this. Being raised with discipline, respect, and a calm head on our shoulders (which most of us possess but some painfully will always lack) enables us to look the giant question marks straight in the eye and say: “I’m so not afraid of you!” Is it okay to be afraid sometimes? Yes, of course, that’s being a human. But letting fear rule your life is a sure way to strip your existence of joy and overlook the blessings you have. That’s why the little voice inside our head that tells us to go ahead and jump off the swing on the playground- the voice of courage and determination- must be listened to as we enter any new frontier that life presents us with- whether it be senior year, a new job, a new relationship, or skydiving.

Today I left for Italy to spend 8 days immersed in art, family, food, and adventure. It is my first time going to a country where English is not the primary language. I am excited, being the art nerd and thrill seeker that I am, but am also curious to see what revelations about myself I have while on this trip. Every time I travel, I learn many things about the world while realizing new things about who I really am. I don’t know in what capacity this will occur but I fully believe that God presents us with opportunities to grow in ourselves and revel in His creation if we are willing to just pay attention. So, I challenge myself and whoever is reading to just open our eyes and look around. Soak it all in. Process your surroundings and be open to change and things that are different from you. By doing so, we are become a more active part of a beautiful world and a better participant in an international community.

September 26 I will turn 18. I think I’m ready to be an adult, but what does that even mean? Paying for your own Capri Sun? I still question myself about what washing machine setting to use, yet I will be able to vote for the next president of the free world. Yes, irony is ever present, and I am okay with that. Here’s a big cheers to everyone entering adulthood and the adults who are definitely still a kid inside. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us.

I created this blog in hopes of opening a dialogue about various issues and sharing some crazy experiences I know I am bound to have this year with an abundance of travels and the process of auditioning, applying, and selecting a university. This will be an update of the happenings in my life- the exciting and the mundane-and a place to share new and fun things: photography, art, ballet, boys, travel, food, you name it. I look forward to seeing where this blog takes me and the conversations that will occur because of it. I choose the name ‘artistic wandering’ because I thought it best described who I am right now and what I am searching for. I wish you luck and happiness in your own ‘artistic wanderings.’ All the best, always.

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  1. You have so much ahead of you Jojo, and I’m so excited to see where this blog takes you! Can’t wait to read more from the other side of the world :’) Tara xxx



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