September 2, 2015


In Rome, some monuments have survived 3000+ years. Not decades, not centuries, but millenniums. Let that sink in for a minute. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely not even reached 50 years of age. To me, walking around Rome and thinking about the history and the architecture and the people who have come before me was a bit of a wakeup call. For thousands of years, not only has the human race survived and improved, but masterpieces they built have lasted and continued to be a gift for us. People were persecuted for religion at one point, now the center of Catholicism is visited by eager travelers every day. Through plagues, hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, riots, and day to day struggles, the people and the city of Rome have prevailed, and emerged stronger. Couldn’t the same be said for us, for all of us? Although the struggles we are currently going through are most definitely valid and arguably extremely painful, could it be possible that putting it in perspective makes it a little better, more bearable? Sure. It was definitely the case for me. Senior year, breakups, diseases, depression: these are all things we encounter that are far too common in today’s world. But when we think of everything our species has fought and won, you realize: I’m going to be okay. On the ‘timeline of humanity’ your story is an additional chapter in a book filled with strength towards adversity and spontaneous adventure that will continue timelessly.   Whatever battle you are currently fighting (we all have one) just know, that you’re going to prevail. You will find a way, and become better for it, just as all those have done before us. And if takes a trip to Rome, walking around in 98 degree heat with a gelato in hand for you to have the same realization I did, then so be it. I’ll meet you there.

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  1. I agree, and I also think that sometimes the only reason we think we failed is bc we do not really know what it is to prevail. We think prevailing means becoming super rich or winning the medal, but what I think it is really about is finding your own happiness and living in it. Civilizations calapse all the time, but even stronger and happier ones grow out of them with time. Oh and love this post and you hoodrat!



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