February 13, 2016

aesthetic or mentality?

Boho. Hipster. Grunge. Rebel. Country. All those aforementioned are tags and labels people love to choose for themselves. Which I find funny, as we are so quick to lash out when we think someone is labeling or judging us, yet sometimes we will work so hard to put out a certain image. Why is that? I mean at the end of the day, you’re defined by your authenticity and how you made people feel, not if your Instagram, selfie with bae, or pastel hair are #goals or not. Don’t misunderstand though, I’m all about doing what makes you happy. However, in this post, I’m going to focus on a bigger picture. When the “you” the outside world sees and the “you” you really are deep down match up, you become unapologeticlally real. And that’s pretty awesome.

I’m all about buying clothes that make you feel good. I’m just as much of a sucker for a bargain as the next girl . But the moment you start buying things and changing aspects of yourself a) for someone else b) because you think that’s what people expect of you or c) because you think that’s what’s going to be a hit on social media: you my friend, are giving up a little bit of your realness. There’s something that just shines through in a person who is completely present in their own skin. You can’t be present in yourself if you’re parading around a fake or watered down version of you. Spoiler alert: people out there like the real you. There’s something really refreshing about people who what you see is what you get. It’s really rare nowadays.

I think what ‘boho’ really is about is having a free spirit, a fun-loving heart, and a creative soul. When I think ‘grunge’ I think stepping out of the box, experimenting, and being a bad-ass. When I think ‘rebel’ I think of a completely confident person who is not afraid to simply go for it and stand up for what they believe in. I think we are all a combination of these things. I think God wants us to be a combination of these things. He didn’t create us to be simple creatures; He made us to be complex, evolving, beautiful, crazy, loving beings. So don’t simplify yourself down to a label or a lifestyle you think looks best on you; being real looks awesome on everyone.

So what does the real you look and feel like? There’s no better time to find out than in 2016. Walking with God and friends by my side this year, I’m more hopeful than ever, and more adventure-hungry than I could have imagined. The real me is completely present, and what a gift it has been.


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