April 27, 2016

If only for today…

It’s crazy how in life, we have those ‘encounters.’ There are encounters, like a smile thrown your way in the coffee shop, and then there are encounters:  the moment you fell a little bit more in love. the moment you realized you really were happy and content with this crazy life. the moment you’re told what you prayed would never happen again, is happening again. and in the moment of that encounter, your heart seems to wonder aloud if it really can keep beating on in a world like this.

When I got some terrible news recently, my stomach dropped. Then I was reminded by a higher power through some little voice in my brain: don’t you dare take anything for granted. This post is dedicated to the girl who knows it’s for her. I’m asking you, the reader, to pray. Pray for healing. Pray that God gives strength to those who need it. Pray to live a life yourself that is so intentional and so significant, you lift up those who are hurting without them even knowing. Pray. Pray that if you only had today and nothing else guaranteed, you would live life to the fullest. If only for today…

If only for today, tell your sibling you love them. If only for today.

If only for today, grab your mom and tell her how grateful you are for her. Tell her that even if you don’t say it, you appreciate every single home-cooked meal you’ve ever had. You appreciate the texts of encouragement and honest advice. If only for today.

If only for today, sit and read the paper with your grandad. Have him share a piece of wisdom with you, and really listen to what he says. Make him his favorite tea, and thank him for always guiding your family. If only for today.

If only for today, thank your best friends for existing. Thank them for sticking by you even at your most intolerable moments. Thank them for making you a better version of you. Put your phone down when you’re with them, and laugh every chance you get. If only for today.

If only for today, apologize. Rebuild that bridge that you know was burned too quickly and too impulsively. Put your pride aside and just fix it. Whatever it takes. If only for today.

If only for today, give it your all. Fall asleep on empty. Go hard at the gym. Put everything into your practice. Tear up your study session like it’s Friday night’s dance floor. Be intentional, focused, and exhausted by your efforts. If only for today.

If only for today, tell that girl she looks beautiful tonight. Tell that boy you love driving around town with him. Tell that person you can’t get out of your head what you’re thinking. If only for today.

If only for today, blast your favorite song on the radio. Sing along to your favorite lyrics like everything’s fine and you’re invincible even if it’s not and you definitely aren’t. If only for today.

If only for today, ditch your negativity. Ditch your biases. Ditch your preconceived notions and judgements. You’ll be amazed who walks into your life once you do this. If only for today.

If only for today, plan your dream trip. Learn how to budget your money to make it happen and go somewhere you’ve always dreamed of. Take lots of pictures and try lots of new things. Be open and present. If only for today.

If only for today, look in the mirror and pick something about yourself you really love. Hold on to that. Let yourself feel beautiful. Make a conscious effort to compliment everyone you encounter. If only for today.

If only for today, push yourself to be better. Live the life you want to live. Work for something bigger than yourself. Be humble and kind and spontaneous and brave. Do all this, if only for today. Because tomorrow? Well tomorrow, is not guaranteed.



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  1. This is beautiful Johanna. Got goosebumps reading this. A great reminder to live now ❤



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