The holiday season revolves around one main theme, and is supported by a symphony of little details. Whether you’re religious or not, it is a fact that the holidays exist because of religion,  regardless of which one you align with. If you are not religious, the weeks are commonly spent thinking about family, giving, and […]

Some days are monumental. Other days are more subtle in importance, but arguably equally as impactful in our overall journey. But yesterday, was one of those monumental days. And I’m sore. Yesterday I auditioned for one of my top choices for the next step in my university and dance career. I was up at 7:15, […]

1) Before leaving for your dream trip, buy maps. Maps, travel guides, tour books, the whole lot. First off, it’s really fun planning everywhere you want to go and all the sights you want to see. Second, for example, if you get lost in a town you’ve never been to and happen to lose track […]

Once again, September is upon us. For me, it used to just mean my birthday month was here and fall was fast approaching. Now, it means something completely different and exponentially more significant. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The childhood cancer story is an altogether too common one. If you disagree with the prior […]

In Rome, some monuments have survived 3000+ years. Not decades, not centuries, but millenniums. Let that sink in for a minute. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely not even reached 50 years of age. To me, walking around Rome and thinking about the history and the architecture and the people who have come before […]

Starting senior year isn’t as ‘sweet’ and ‘nostalgic’ as everyone makes it out to be. Mostly, it’s ridiculously busy and painfully nerve racking. Coming back from a summer of dance training and working on my ACT and going straight into school was easier said than done. I didn’t see my best friends for most of […]