Recently, I’ve found myself pondering what some consider to be one of life’s biggest questions: Are people good at heart?  Many people have firm opinions on this matter. Christians are divided among themselves regarding the topic of original sin. Some believe we come into this world already tainted by sin and corruption, as we are […]

For me, I’m not sure there’s anything as exciting as a fresh start. A new place, new faces, new memories to be made, and all the opportunity and room for growth lie just ahead of you. However, ‘new’ and ‘perfect’ are not synonymous with each other. Sometimes, it is actually quite the opposite. Suddenly, the […]

It’s crazy how in life, we have those ‘encounters.’ There are encounters, like a smile thrown your way in the coffee shop, and then there are encounters:  the moment you fell a little bit more in love. the moment you realized you really were happy and content with this crazy life. the moment you’re told […]

You wanna know what you deserve? Do you really? Because let me tell you something baby doll, it’s a whole lot different than what you’re getting right now. It’s not ignored calls, canceled plans, and mixed signals. Hell, it’s not even unanswered texts, petty fights, and forced smiles. If it’s not right, it’s just not […]

Boho. Hipster. Grunge. Rebel. Country. All those aforementioned are tags and labels people love to choose for themselves. Which I find funny, as we are so quick to lash out when we think someone is labeling or judging us, yet sometimes we will work so hard to put out a certain image. Why is that? […]

We are meant to love. We were MADE to love each other. Our body’s chemistry, biological makeup, hard wiring, is intently designed with the purpose of finding a partner and nurturing a family. Chemicals are released in our brain when we are happy and receiving affection. It further encourages and enforces the relationships that color […]

Adventure. Thrill. Experience. Culture. Beauty. We all seek it, crave it, some of us live and breathe it; what if I told you that you didn’t have to go all the way to the Amazonian Rainforest or The Louvre to chase these feelings and encounters? That’s exactly what I’m sayin’, and proudly doing so: as […]

The holiday season revolves around one main theme, and is supported by a symphony of little details. Whether you’re religious or not, it is a fact that the holidays exist because of religion,  regardless of which one you align with. If you are not religious, the weeks are commonly spent thinking about family, giving, and […]

Some days are monumental. Other days are more subtle in importance, but arguably equally as impactful in our overall journey. But yesterday, was one of those monumental days. And I’m sore. Yesterday I auditioned for one of my top choices for the next step in my university and dance career. I was up at 7:15, […]

1) Before leaving for your dream trip, buy maps. Maps, travel guides, tour books, the whole lot. First off, it’s really fun planning everywhere you want to go and all the sights you want to see. Second, for example, if you get lost in a town you’ve never been to and happen to lose track […]